Senior Strategy Advisor for DHI - Royal Government of Bhutan in Thimpu, Bhutan

 We have this opening for our client company, which is a 100% DHI Owned Company, has been identified to become the premier IT company in Bhutan providing not only high end services to the Government as well as other domestic clients, but also exporting its services. DHI ( is the commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

This is envisioned to become the Centre of Excellence in Information Technology. Specifically, it will focus on Software Development and System Integration while it will also have divisions dedicated to Cyber Security and Infrastructure services such as Data Centres and Cloud Computing.

Roles and Responsibilities

Our Client company is looking for a passionate industry expert to help them to develop the strategy and the implementation plan to realize its vision. The expert will be recruited as the Senior Strategy Advisor and will report directly to the CEO. He/she shall:

  • Help in shaping the company's overall business strategy, based on the knowledge and understanding of the global best practices, technology and market trends.

  • Help in developing strategic plans and assessing company performance, based on the knowledge and understanding of the global best practices, technology and market trends.
  • Conduct research and analysis, inspect issues, implement policies, and devise strategies that will benefit the company.
  • Communicate with high-level management including Board and DHI on ways to drive results forward, making sure that all internal roles are performing at the highest level, and suggesting strategic business initiatives.
  • Analyse every aspect of the company's business and make recommendations to ensure that it is operating at optimal efficiency.


1.1 Strategy Review

Review the overall strategy and areas of focus for the company, and make appropriate recommendations. He/she should strategize the visioning document and a CSP for client company with the experience of past and current software companies but more importantly considering the opportunities of the future in ICT and software development. The strategy should be for developing the CoE for software development and also directing the company towards specific product line and services. The visioning document and the CSP should look and create the future of ICT, software and technology with Industry 4.0 and importantly with the trends of target market opportunities and challenges. This should provide a roadmap for our client company being a national, regional and an international player in the area of software development and other areas of its business.

1.2 Organisational Development

Review the organisational structure and internal processes of the company and make appropriate recommendations based on global best practices of IT companies.

1.3 HR Master-planning

HR is a key asset of an IT Company . Hence, he/she should develop a framework and a strategy for human resource development and management and build the foundation for a work culture to help our client company evolve into a 21st century internationally competitive software company.

1.4 Branding and Promotion

Develop a branding and promotion strategy for client company as part of its vision.

1.5 Deliverables

This deliverables required of this role shall include, but not limited to the following:

a. Corporate Strategic Plan

Develop Corporate Strategic Plan for the client company and undertake the following associated tasks:

i. Review company's existing Risk Management framework and identified risks and mitigation measures, and make recommendations based on global best practices of IT/software companies.

ii. Review and update the five year investment plan of the company

iii. Review current pricing strategy/framework and make recommendations based on global best practices of IT/software companies.

iv. Review the consolidated IT Roadmap for shared services for DHI Owned Companies and make recommendations based on global best practices

b. HR Masterplan

Develop a detailed HR Masterplan for the company and complete the following associated tasks:

i. Review of compensation and incentive structure and make recommendations based on global best practices of IT/software companies.

ii. Carryout out Skill gap analysis and training needs analysis

iii. Review Service Rules of the company and make recommendations based on the global best practices of IT/software companies.

iv. Review of organisational structure and make recommendations based on global best practices of IT/software companies


4.1 Essential

  • Advanced university degree in relevant fields, such as IT and business
  • Experienced in working in globally reputed IT companies at a senior management level position.
  • Experience at having successfully designed and delivered a strategy and/or an organisational design process, or involvement in designing and managing the delivery of a major organisational change programme.
  • Demonstrable strategic and creative leadership, management and coordination skills
  • Experience of planning, driving and/or managing people and major projects.
  • Proven experience of cross-functional management including international operations, support functions, engagement across a range of audiences and disciplines.
  • Advanced understanding of management roles and dynamics in small and large organisations
  • High-level representation, communication and influencing skills.
  • High level understanding of multinational IT businesses, branding and communication strategies
  • Excellent planning, organisational and administrative skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Commitment to the goals and values of company

4.2 Desirable

  • Experience of growing a company from a small beginning to a multinational multibillion dollar business
  • Clear understanding of IT business trends in South and South East Asia
  • Master of Business Administration from a reputed university

7. Salary & Others Benefits

Salary and benefits will be negotiated based on the experience and qualification of the


8. Mandatory documents to be submitted

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum vitae

3. University Degree certificates

4. A valid document proof/evidence to show relevant work experience

5. Documentary evidence for relevant certifications and trainings attended

6. Scan copy Passport

7. Recommendation letter form employer/client

Saswati Sarkar