Operator Vacancies in Integrated Plastics Packaging LLC, UAE

 Integrated Plastics Packaging, a member of Lutfi Group Company, was established in 1999 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We Manufacture customized Flexible Packaging Materials for the Food, Hygiene and Detergent Products. Known for investing in the best machines, infrastructure and human resources, IPP is considered the prime place for highest print and reproduction quality.

We have earned the trust of an increasing number of brand name manufacturers. To enhance this trust, we constantly accept the challenge of guaranteeing continuous high quality.

It is essential for todays producers of industrial and consumer goods to add value to their product quality through package design, print quality and to meet its marketing and distribution needs. All packaging materials from Integrated Plastics Packaging help our customers products to stand out at point of sale.

We help our customers to achieve their marketing goals in this fast paced world of goods and services. Companies who want to excel tomorrow must make an extra effort today

Lamination Operator

Job Specification

  1. Candidate should be Diploma in packaging technology and ITI with at least 8-10 years experience on solvent based machine.
  2. Should be able to communicate both in English & Hindi
  3. Knowledge of cold seal operation will be an added advantage.
  4. Below 35Years old.

Job Description

  • To understand the nature of substrate and the conversion process of substrates such as PET, BOPP,POPP,CPP,Met opp,Met Cpp,Met Pet,Al Foil,PE etc.
  • Should have working knowledge on solvent based combination machine.
  • To read the work order carefully to understand the requirements, instructions and specifications etc. Check with the shift supervisor or the production manager in case of doubts.
  • To check the treatment of input films to confirm the suitability of the films for lamination. To give on line corona treatment wherever applicable.
  • To check the suitable adhesive been used for the job and to check the mixing ratio of the adhesive and hardener to ensure proper bonding.
  • To ensure uniform adhesive coating on the substrate across the width.
  • To ensure right machine process parameters used to get the quality output.
  • To ensure there are no speckling in the output laminate and accordingly the substrate to be chosen for giving the adhesive coating.
  • To ensure output roll od, core id, unwinding direction, etc for the next process while taking out the output rolls.
  • To remove the print defects as flagged by printing people in the input rolls.
  • To write all the work order details, substrates used, suppliers details, batch nos, job details, process details, process parameters, output details in kg, meters, wastage details, coating weight, adhesive types, mixing ratio, etc. in the log sheet.
  • Always try to improve productivity without affecting the quality.
  • To ensure the standard curing time, are followed after each process
  • To follow the standard practice of putting the flags wherever joints are there.
  • To write the complete information on the label pasted on the output rolls with wo no, job description, shift, date, output roll time, operator name, weight of the roll etc.
  • Ensure the output rolls are properly covered before keeping for the curing process.
  • Ensure that the pathways are clear, and rolls are kept over the pallets.
  • There should not be any material lying at the yellow line.
  • Maintain the machine health and cleanliness. To clean the coating unit at the end of the shift to ensure that no dried adhesive damages the rollers and damage the quality.
  • To inform the maintenance team in case of any maintenance related issue with a break down slip.
  • Ensure the machine surroundings are neat and clean and without any spillage of adhesive.
  • To train the helper in understanding the above job and to assist in smooth operation of the lamination process.
  • To ensure that all the fire doors, exits and fire extinguishers are not blocked by material

Assistant Operator (Printing) 

Job Specification

  1. Candidate should be Diploma in packaging technology or ITI with at least 2 years experience as assistant operator in a printing and packaging firm.
  2. Should be able to communicate both in English & Hindi
  3. Below 25 Years old.
  4. Ready to join ASAP

Job Description

  1. To product the material as per the planning given by the PPC
  2. To follow the work instruction while carrying out the production activities and the machine operator.
  3. To ensure that the production is carried out as per the BRC procedure for the product safety.
  4. To ensure that log books are entered properly.
  5. To report to the any deviation in the process to machine operator.
  6. To report to the machine operator if there is any deviation in the process and machine functioning.
  7. To stop the machine if there is bad quality of material being produced,
  8. To report any break down to the seniors.
  9. To follow safety and cleaning procedure.
  10. To train the helper working under you and job loading and unloading, keeping the machine and machine area cleaned.
  11. To cover the material always with the plastic sheet before and after the process.
  12. To report to operator if there is any product safety hazard is noticed.
  13. To report the HR and BRC team if there is any product safety hazard is noticed even outside the production area.

    Company:Integrated Plastic Packaging
    Email Address:ajitabh.awasthi@ipp.ae