Navsari shala samay babat

I have a new job of hope in the country of hope. Why not we have seen our country a greeting flow. Many of the challenges came. Give many of the crises, greeting the country as well. Anjaliji came. Due to Corona, it is a very good idea to take the suppli chain in the world. 


Our country also came in many difficulties in 2021, but we take the new teachings of India in the world, and they serve new peaks from every hazard. New power generated in the country. If the identity in words is more empowered, what is the name of this power, self-sufficiency. 

May be. The companions, who live in Delhi, are also very interesting, who have sent me a message experienced on his own and Namoapp wrote me a message experience. Have posted. He has written that 2020 is who showed, who showed children to give children to their segga 

- which he never thought, he never thought too. Some of the cores were to buy some toys, so they have written all the things that are linked to the relief of Delhi. In these letters, the market went. Many of you know, this Gujarat is January 1, 2021.


નવસારી શાળા સમય બાબત

બદલી થયેલ શિક્ષકોને છુટા કરવા બાબત રજુઆત 

સાતમા પગાર પંચ મુજબ રજુઆત વાંચવા