Malaysia MINDEF Buys SAAB Weapon


The Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is issuing a tender for the supply of 110 SAAB Carl Gustav M4 84mm man portable recoiless gun which could find its way to all four parachute battalions and two special forces/commando battalions of the 10th Parachute Brigade (10Bgd Para) and 21st Special Forces Group (21GGK).

Already, these Army strategic units have been equipped with various anti armour weapon including the much older and heavier Carl Gustav M2, RPG-7 rocket propelled grenades as well as Nammo M72LAW and Instalaza C90 unguided anti tank launch system.The Carl Gustav is not the only SAAB made defence product that MINDEF had recently procured. The New Generation Light Anti Tank Weapon (NLAW) was also acquired for the use of the paratroopers and commandos.

These new procurement could mean that weapons like the Carl Gustav M2 and RPG-7 could now being passed down to other formations especially those from mechanised Infantry battalions.As the tip of the spear, it is important that both the paratroopers and the GGK commandos being equipped with the best weapon that provide firepower and devastating blows to the enemy.The Carl Gustav M4 and the NLAW does not only offer mobility and flexibility (due to their light weight) or provide a lethal anti armour capability, they also help these strategic units of the Army to punch through static targets especially those found in urban areas.