Make calls to Union Leader to save the Bsnk.IF NOT NOW, WHEN?.

Can't we do any thing against the decisions made by NITI AYOG, FM, IBA,etc.,except sharing our pain in this social media.let us raise our voice. Make calls to union leaders." Job security for one year is reasonable" Suggested by former CEO of IBA was disgusting. Let's try together. Make calls and ask them for indefinite strike. This is not just my pain, this is the pain of the families of  around 1.2 lakh employees. You guys know how we suffered to get this job. Let's think. I'll call to my union leaders. I hope you also make calls and ask them, force them to take decision regarding indefinite strike. So many families wholly depended only on job. Please update once you made calls and mention the response received from union members. If we take the things lite. No one comes to save us. We should take initiative. We prepared months and years to get this job, but they simply selling our hardwork to benefit big fish. # IF NOT NOW, WHEN?
From Prabha Peabhu Banker united