Dialogue LL Consider, the hard work of the people of Kashmir is such that there is a real proof that saffron tastes different as long as life is full of energy.  That is, as long as curiosity in life does not die, the desire to learn, my dear countrymen, the Gita does not die just two days ago.  That is why we should never think that there was a jubilee.  Gita, we were left behind in every aspect of our lives, we missed. 

ALL HELP GURUJI વોટસએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાઓ

 I wish ... we inspire.  But have you ever thought that Gita would learn so much?  We should not even think about why it is a wonderful scripture.  That is because the Lord Himself we cannot learn, or move forward, is the very voice of Lord Krishna, but the uniqueness of the Gita is also my dear countrymen, right now we begin with curiosity, curiosity to know something.  The question starts with learning and doing something new.  

In the new year, there is.  Arjuna questioned the Lord, inquired, even then he was talking about new resolutions, but some people got the knowledge of Gita to the world.  Like the Gita, Khapani is also one who constantly does nothing, as much as there is knowledge in the culture, everything starts with curiosity, 9/60 9 is the realization of new resolutions.  This is the first mantra of Vedanta, - ‘Athato Drdh Nisa’. 

ALL HELP GURUJI વોટસએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાઓ

 That is why if we do a lot, the society itself gives us the research of Shraddha.  Such is the strength of curiosity from seemingly simple motivations, curiosity also makes you do something constantly.  One such young man is Mr. Pradeep who inspires new ones.  Sangwan, Pradeep Sangwan of Gurugram has been running the campaign since 2012 as far as curiosity is concerned, he has a life of his own. 

 As long as the team and the volunteers are in good spirits, the learning process of this new Malayalam lug-a-lug continues.  There is curiosity in it as long as there is life.  Wherever one goes, and whatever the age, whatever the situation, there is curiosity, the order of learning is not important, leaving the plastic waste tourist there, the curiosity continues.  

ALL HELP GURUJI વોટસએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાઓ


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