Whatsapp exam report 20/5/2021 and swa mulyankan module pdf

 Whatsapp exam report 20/5/2021

Priya cried ... - Dr.  Veteran Shah was a king.  The king was very powerful.  He had heaps of wealth.  There were big palaces.  Gold - was a treasure of silver.  The king was very happy.  With his people and his wealth, the king was advancing his kingdom day by day.  He lived in the same tune all day and all night.  

વોટસએપ ગ્રુપમાં હાલ જોડાઓ અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Why does my wealth increase?  Priya, one of the daughters of the king.  Priya Princess was like a very beautiful fairy.  Her hair was golden, her cheeks were like red tomatoes, her hands, feet and nose were wonderful.  Its form was scattered all around.  When he speaks, he speaks like sweet honey.  When he laughs, there is glitter all around. 

 The princess loved the king very much.  He can do anything for that.  Priya Princess doesn't like a single prince for marriage.  The king was tired of showing his daughter princes.  Priya was stubborn.  I will marry the same prince that I will like at first sight.  Otherwise I will not get married!  2) Don't worry, think to get success.

વોટસએપ ગ્રુપમાં હાલ જોડાઓ અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વોટસએપ પરીક્ષાના તમામ તાલુકાનો રિપોર્ટ

શિક્ષકો અને આચાર્યો માટે વોટસએપ સ્વમૂલ્યાંકન રિપોર્ટિંગ મોડ્યુલ પીડીએફ