What is Ehsas income program and how to apply

What is Ehsas income (Amdan) program and how to apply

The aim of the Ehsas Income Program is to create employment and employment opportunities by eradicating poverty in Pakistan. Under this program, assets are provided to deserving people so that they can get out of poverty. Is provided free of charge

Cattle including cows and buffaloes

And poultry

And instruments

Changchi rickshaw

Small shop

Small business

All these items will be given to the poor for free

The program has been launched at a cost of Rs 15 billion

Under Ehsas Income Program, interest free loans will also be given to deserving people

In which districts has the Ehsas Income Program been launched?

Ehsas Income Program has been launched in 23 poorest districts of Pakistan and 375 Union Councils

What are the goals of this program?

Under this program, 200,000 households will be able to acquire productive assets or professional skills

60% women will be included in this program

And that will include 30% of young people

And 221926 people will be provided interest free loans


The program's timeline

The program was launched in January 2020 and will continue until 2023. It is a four-year program.

How to apply in this program

Go to the Ehsas Program office at your union council and submit the form