To Vaccinate Younger Teens, States and Cities Look to Schools, Camps, Even Beaches -

At the beach, Pacific Beach, San Diego

As usual, especially along either the left or right coast or the river or lake, young people head to the beach to picnic swim, surf, sunbathe, or just plain relax this summer vaccination will be offered to young people. Now that the FDA has approved Covid 19 vaccination for 12-15 year olds. 

The F.D.A.’s authorization of Pfizer’s Covid shot for 12- to 15-year-olds is a milestone in battling the coronavirus, but actually getting them vaccinated involves new challenges.

Even more incentives could include a free joint (with parental permission). Let's face it almost all kids have tried marijuana or want to try it. Marijuan is no. longer consiered a 'gateway drug"The scientific risk of a joint is far less than contracting covid, or at least equal. (my own personal opinion) and not to be taken as medical advice.  Public health concerns should outweigh other issues.

Any parent knows this age group is particularly independent, contrary and unlikely to go to a public health vaccination site.  In addition this group does not drive, in the no mans land of pubescence and adulthood. Peer pressure and conformance with their peers is an overriding feature of this age group.  Wanting to belong is almost the only personal objective of teenagers.

Other possible venues for vaccination are music festivals, pop concerts, sporting events.  Go to where they are decreases the likelihood young people will avoid the 'shot'.

Colorado River, a favorite place on the California Arizona Border

To Vaccinate Younger Teens, States and Cities Look to Schools, Camps, Even Beaches - The New York Times