The AlphaMind Podcast - How Our Relationship With Money Shapes Our Trading Performance, with Dennis Harhalakis the Money Coach.

Money Coaching is a relatively new profession that combines sound psychological and coaching principles with practical financial coaching to help people transform their relationship with money. This week’s guest, Dennis Harhalakis is a Money Coach who spent more than two decades in bank trading rooms as a trader and salesperson and has worked in the private banking and wealth management world. That sort of experience provides a well-rounded perspective as a money coach to talk about how people engaged in trading and investing activities are impacted, positively and negatively, by their relationship with money.

In this fascinating interview, we cover a host of topics and themes that explore that self/money relationship and how it influences our decisions, behaviours and emotional reactions to events. Dennis provides some practical advice for how people can start to improve their relationship with money and raises some interesting points about how our early-years’ experience around impacts our current relationship with money, and how this then affects they we behave, act and make choices, in our work and in our personal lives.

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