Thank you Corona. To make me realize the truth.

  I did not defeat Corona *
- I am * Babu in a private company * I was working in a company like always. I got a mild fever. Till evening I got cold. Called medicine from a nearby medical store and ate for 3-4 days. Sudden breath. There was a problem in taking oxygen level started decreasing. My wife immediately took me to the hospital with a rickshaw. The bed was running full in the government hospital. I was seeing that my wife was quarreling in front of the doctor for my treatment. My family was helpless. I was able to see it. My trouble was increasing my wife was encouraging me saying * nothing will happen have courage, (* this was the woman I always said you are a stupid woman you never know what is going on in the world * )
He fought in a private hospital and got me admitted. Then he called his brother or my brother-in-law and told him all the things. His age must be about 20 years * who was a wanderer and nitthalla in my eyes who was not allowed to come to my house * he Often he used to come to my house in my absence. He called his brother-in-law, i.e. my younger brother, who was of the age of my brother-in-laws * who was unemployed and I used to tell him * ′′ No work, enemy of grains ′′ Both of them reached the hospital with fear in their eyes. There were tears, both were saying that don't worry, we will not let anything happen to you. The doctor was saying that we will be able to provide oxygen for 3-4 hours, then you will have to arrange for oxygen cylinder. My wife said, Doctor sir, where will we get all this from, then my brother and brother-in-law said, we will bring cylinder, you start treatment. Both of them left from there, they started flaunting me and when they came to their senses, * I had an oxygen cylinder with me * I asked my wife where did it come from, she said * Your brother and my brother both have brought it * I asked from where did you bring it? He said, only he knows this. Suddenly * my attention went to wife's empty wrist. I said where are your bracelets? For how many years you were fighting, get bracelets, get bracelet *
Just last month I had given her a wedding anniversary * (I got a bonus from her) She said you go to sleep silently, this is the bracelet, she didn't go anywhere, she gave me medicines, I started resting, I fell asleep, as soon as I opened my sleep, what do I see * My wife many She was lifting the cylinder with the weight of kilo. The one who had to lift a little bit of weight used to call me *
Today she was taking many kilograms of cylinders down the third floor and bringing the loaded cylinder from the bottom up. I got angry on my brother-in-law and my brother, where did these two die. Then I thought that I will scold you when I will come, then a gentleman was recruited on the neighbor's bed and started talking to him. I said that it is a good hospital, cylinders are easily found below * They said, is it a good hospital 40 kilometers away from here in a big city, after being in line for 7-8 hours, it is very difficult to find a cylinder * 17 deaths have occurred today due to lack of oxygen in the hospital. I got scared to hear and started thinking that maybe my brother-in-law and brother would be bringing cylinders like this. For the first time, the sense of respect for both was awakened. Before thinking something, I saw my wife bringing a big tiffin to eat. She came close and said, get up and eat. She gave me food. As soon as I ate a kaur, * I said, this is made by my mother. She said, yes, my mother has made it When did mother come from the village. He said last night. Oh how did she come. She never came to the city alone. Wife said, ′′ After getting down from the bus, she showed the address of the house to the auto owner which was written in a paper and reached home My mother might have travelled alone for the first time after Babuji's death. My mother was not allowing me to sell the village land, so I was having a mind-blow with my mother. She used to say, do whatever you like about my death, I will not let you sell while I am alive. Wife said to me too just now my mother told me that your mother had come at night. She has brought food from her house. Food made by your mother. I said, but your mother has a problem in her feet, she doesn't know how to walk. Very rarely leaves the house after my father-in-law's death. Wife said, eat your food comfortably. I started eating food, after some time I got a call from my Fatecher friends. Tell me if there is any work worth us. I thought in my mind that what I have borrowed from me, I did not return the same 3000, what should I tell you. Even then I said in my heart, okay, I will talk if needed. I cut my phone by making my face.
* For 16 days my wife kept carrying cylinder. My brother and brother-in-law kept bringing cylinders in line *
Again the condition improved. Again 18th day discharged from hospital
* I was proud of myself that I defeated Corona, I was not blooming * I came to know the real story after reaching home,
* A lot of money has been spent in my treatment. I don't know how much it is but all my wife's jewellery that she had made by fighting with me were sold. My brother-in-law's neck chain was sold, which my wife had forced me to get angry with him for 15 days. The bike which my brother used to keep more than his life was also not visible at home. The land which my mother did not want to sell while alive was the last sign of my late Babuji, that too was sold in my treatment *
When I had a fight with my wife, I used to say in anger that go to your mother's house, she had mortgaged my in-laws house too.
* Those who didn't think of any use were sold out to save my life. I was crying alone and everyone else was happy because I felt everything was gone, and * they thought they saved everything by saving me *
Now I had no confusion that I have defeated Corona because Corona was defeated by my own people and family
* Even after selling everything, I felt that no one is richer than me in this world *
Thank you Corona. To make me realize the truth.