Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman.. Your assurance to update our pension voiced in October,2020 exploded all over the media.

Respected Madam Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman,
                     This is my fourth and final letter. Now, I thank you for enabling me to learn the practical side of a politician’s promise to the Bank Pensioners.
                      I am one of them. Aged 78. 
                     Your assurance to update our pension voiced in October,2020 exploded all over the media.
                     Like a parched field (neglected for well over 25 years) getting a rare rain, we gathered hope. We found an Angel in you.
                     After SEVEN months, our hope had started to diminish to the dimension of a day-dream. Still, many in our group cling to it.
                     The onslaught of the killer virus – cruel Corona - is taking a tragic toll every day. Even in our compact Group, the number of obituary news is inching up to double digits. Alas. Not a day passes without shedding tears for the cascade of cruel happenings. 
                     We are falling one by one under the sway of this enigmatic virus. Consumed by the chasm of grief and blindsided by your assurance, I place before you the TWO factors I feel.
                   ONE. Even the command of The Union Finance Minister could be dilly-dallied by the ever-present Red-tapism. Like an ant assaulting and annihilating a mighty alligator, the power of procrastination proves to be the strongest force behind the screen. Lower level Babus are capable of crushing the credibility of the highest office.
               TWO.  Everything we did in our entire career converted to count ZERO. Like a born-blind assured of vision after 25 YEARS and delaying it till his death is …..words fail me further to say mildly .
               Galvanizing the processing machinery to implement the order is possible by the administration that could manifest its power. Taming the tenets of Blocking Babus is possible. Madam, I think you could do it.
              The axiom – “Better late than never” is too well known. Here and NOW, “Better earlier than to find any left-over survivor”.
               With a touch of guilt-trip, I put the cap on my pen. My penmanship is proved not powerful enough to ferret out any sign of the assured result. I humbly admit my defeat and desist from drumming again.