Shoaib Akhtar pillories team for failing to meet demands of modern game

Shoaib Akhtar pillories team for failing to meet demands of modern game

Shoaib Akhtar pillories team for failing to meet demands of modern game

Former Pakistan paceman Shoaib Akhtar lambasted Pakistan's team management and think-tank for allegedly lacking the proactiveness and intent to encourage players from playing according to the modern-day cricket demands. 

The fastest bowler in the history of the game gave a scathing rejoinder to team management, asking them to bring a change in the mindset of players and compel them to adopt a go-getter aggressive approach towards batting in particular. 

“There is no injustice as long as Pakistan is winning. If somebody misses out then that is ok. There was a series going on so it wasn’t necessary to criticise them during it. We support them so that they can make the right decisions. Now that the series is over, I am shouting my lungs out to say, ‘don’t play this type of cricket’. This is not acceptable. If you keep going this way, you will keep failing,” said Akhtar while giving an interview on PTV Sports.

Shoaib wants players to get accustomed to their given roles instead of pushing for their desired batting spot. He asked players to adapt and evolve their game in a bid to compete with the top sides.

“You don’t know what you are supposed to do with (Mohammad) Rizwan. Rizwan also has to start thinking. This isn’t anyone’s uncle’s team that you can open in each format of the sport. You have to adjust the role given to you by the team. 

"As long as Pakistan is winning, it doesn’t matter who it is or where he is coming from, a player should be performing and performing up to my wishes and according to the new brand of cricket’s requirements. It is as simple as that. If you don’t, then there is the exit, you can leave. Don’t misbehave, just don’t select them,” he added.

The ex-Pakistan speedster didn't specify and elucidated much about what changes in mindset he would like to see in PCB but he has been harping on lack of clarity and strategy towards each format. 

“I think the PCB must take a notice of the backwards mindset being carried by the national team. They are carrying it forward and shouldn’t. They should send a strong message to the management. 

"They should tell them that this is the kind of cricket we want to play. This is Test cricket for us and this is the kind of strike rate I require from the captain and the team. They need to identify the talent and their respective roles. Select the right people, those who deserve it,” he concluded.