See the position of Banker--Denied leave while recovering from Covid, Indian bank employee walks to work hooked up to oxygen tank


A man recovering from Covid-19 in India showed up at his office while hooked up to his oxygen tank after he was reportedly denied sick leave.

Arvind Kumar turned up to the branch of Punjab National Bank in Bokaro, Jharkhand leaning on his wife and with his son dragging the oxygen cylinder into the building with him.

Mr Kumar, whose family filmed the Tuesday incident and posted the video online in a clip that has since been widely shared, says the bank denied his application for additional sick leave and ordered him to return to duty.

In his letter requesting leave, he had said he was still recovering from the virus while an infection had spread to his lungs, and that he required continuous oxygen support as his blood oxygen levels remained low, reported the New Indian Express.

The video shows Mr Kumar walking into the bank branch connected to the oxygen cylinder, before taking the stairs to confront a bank official in his cubicle.

The family and the bank official then exchanged a heated argument, with Mr Kumar seen panting and gasping for air at the end of the video as he yells at the manager: “Why I am being tortured.. I am sick and in serious condition. Doctors have said it will take three months to recover as the infection has reached my lungs.” He also demanded his salary be settled as he alleged non-payment.

“The bank officials did not consider his leave application and he even submitted his resignation, which was also rejected,” said a family member.

“Now, they are threatening to deduct his salary due to which he was forced to come to work with oxygen support.”

Mr Kumar was then asked to return home. Since the incident bank officials refrained from issuing statements. The Independent has approached the bank for comment.

Covid-19 patients across the world are reporting a long list of lingering symptoms despite having ostensibly recovered, known as long Covid. According to a survey in the UK, almost 14 per cent of Covid patients reported lingering symptoms which lasted at least 12 weeks.