Seaman jobs at Anglo Eastern maritime

jobs at Anglo Eastern maritime

If you are one of the people / job seeker who have a real passion for ships and a fan of the profession of Seaman in all of its positions, by working within a company Anglo-Eastern will consider and take care of you in your health, education, well-being and development of your skill at work. Long and short term job opportunities with shipowners all over the world can be found in Eastern Anglo-Eastern.

Working at sea on board ships earns many from it. Seaman is a arduous profession in some cases on board types of ships such as cargo ships, tanker ships, container ships, passenger ships ... For everyone who works at Seaman and wants to find a job within this category as maritime jobs, the Anglo Eastern company, which is focused on maritime work, provides a number of open positions and vacant job opportunities for you who are looking for a job.

Maritime jobs at Anglo Eastern

All the information you want to watch for any position you will find in the job description on the open positions site.

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Seaman jobs at Anglo Eastern - Maritime job vacancies

/ Seafarers positions

Destinations of jobs

* European Union

* Ukraine

* China

* Philippines

* India / Other destinations

How to apply 

If  the applicant want work at European countries you can send your resume to

If  the applicant want work at Ukraine you can send your resume to

If the applicant want work at or from China you can send your resume to

If the applicant want work  or from Philippines you can send your resume to

If the applicant want work or from India or Other destinations

Shore Staff positions

Destination : Hong Kong

How to apply

For applicant from Hong Kong to work there can send the resume to

Offshore positions

Destination : England


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