Russian man steals a $ 3 million painting in front of security

A young Russian man steals a $ 3 million painting

A young Russian man steals a $ 3 million painting in front of security in broad daylight in a very, very clever way .... You will not believe! 

A Russian young man with the height of intelligence, entered a Russian museum where there are paintings of great value, including the history, dating back to hundreds of years. When this young Russian man entered the museum, he started wandering around and seeing the paintings displayed among other people ... I was attracted to his attention by a painting by a Russian artist, which dates back to the 19th century. This painting is called I-Petri. Crimea. 

This painting contains a symbol of great importance in the Russian Federation, as the price of this painting is $ 3 million. In addition to the fact that the value of its insurance amounted to 180 million dollars ... 

* Information about the painting that this young Russian man took from the museum in front of security in broad daylight in a very smart way.! 

 The "I Petri" painting, which was the focus of this curious incident, is one of the most famous paintings in the "Crimean" group, from the work of the artist Arkhaib Koenji, which he painted between 1898 - 1908. He depicted the summit of Mount "I Petri", one of the most famous landmarks in the peninsula. Crimea, and the most important symbol of its symbols.

The Russian young man liked the painting, so he grabbed it from the wall and carried it under his arm while he was in front of the people inside the museum, indifferent to the security guards that were present throughout the museum and the surveillance cameras ... heading outside the museum without any convulsions or showing that he was a thief .... as he had confidence Complete in the same. Consequently, the people present at the museum did not leave any doubt that he would steal the painting ... Rather, everyone thought that he was a member of the museum's team. This young Russian man has confidence and coldness that makes it impossible for anyone in the museum to express any doubts about him. 

Where he took the painting and left the museum from before the eyes of the guards present there and all people are convinced that he is a worker in the museum .. up to the moment this young Russian has done an incredible job. He went into a museum, then took a painting he liked, put it under his arm, and went out onto the street heading to his house, which is located in the suburbs of Moscow, some way from the center of the capital. Where he found an old deserted house next to his house, he hid the painting that he had taken from the museum, then he returned to his house and lay down to sleep in normal conditions and nothing happened ... 

 About 2 hours later, on TV stations in Russia, a spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of the Interior appeared talking about the operation of stealing an art painting worth 3 million dollars from a museum, and after the men lost their surveillance cameras in the museum, they found the face of the young man who took that painting. 

Then a Russian police force brought him to the place of residence of that young man, where they found him sleeping in his bed and he did not give any importance to what was happening in his home. Since the police started asking questions about the painting, why did he take it and where did he hide it ... The young Russian man initially denied what he had done, then confessed what he had done and told them that he hid it in an apartment next to his house .. And when the police asked him why did he do this thing? 

Here was the shock to the Russian police, as he stated that he had seen an old film dating back to any period of the sixties or seventies revolving around the events of the film’s characters entering a museum and stealing a painting in front of people's eyes and leaving it without any problem in front of the eyes of the guards .. so he liked the film and imitated his idea on the ground Reality and he took a painting from a museum with a financial value of 3 million dollars in front of the eyes of the guard and the people who were there in a smart way ... But at the same time he was stupid as he returned to his house carrying something that is not his ... 

The name "thief of fine taste" was given to the young Russian man of 31 years. In fact, he still does not know the reason behind this young man stealing that painting in this elegant way .. But the most important news is the uproar caused by this incident and the echoes that accompanied the painting, as the visits to the museum increased a lot to see it in addition to doubling the price of the painting, and the reason for that is the method of theft that occurred in the museum ... 

 * The lesson

 This young Russian man has an idea that it is impossible for a person to do it despite its ease, how he made a simple idea that he saw or imagined for himself could become reality ... I mean, it is possible with a simple idea that is practical and you believe in it, you can succeed in your work. With a simple idea in front of your eyes, you can present and make a successful business or project.