Regarding the banking activities in the background of extended lockdown:

Bank Employees Federation of India - Kerala.
Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan,
Chief Minister,
Topic: Regarding the banking activities in the background of extended lockdown:
In the wake of the spread of Covid, we request you to be ready to impose the following restrictions on banking activities in the state.
1. In the wake of the lockdown continuing, the operations of the branches should continue three days a week.
2. basic banking facilities A. T. M, C. D. Bank branches don't need to open and operate in triple lockdown areas due to the situation that it will be available through other online systems including M and Internet banking.
3.. The number of employees in open branches should be reduced by 50 percent and in administrative offices by 25 percent.
4. Nearly two thousand bank employees across the country including Kerala have died as victims of Covid. Only those who have taken two doses of vaccine should be allowed to work in branches as there is a lot of possibility of disease spread.
The Union Finance Ministry has issued a letter to the Chief Secretaries of the State regarding the work of 5. banks and the vaccination to the employees. But there is not enough caution from the Union Finance Ministry to make the vaccine available. B says special quota should be allowed to give vaccine to employees. E. F. ai.. The central committee has asked the central government. Steps should be taken to organize special camps and give vaccine to all bank employees including contract / daily wages in Kerala.
6. Some bankers tend to not pay wages to daily wages on holidays as per the instructions of Disaster Management Authorities and SLBC. Be careful not to make such inhuman stands.
7. pregnant women, disabled, serious illnesses, parents with children below three years of age, parents of intelligent children should be allowed duty leave.
Requesting the state government and SLBC to intervene urgently to implement the above instructions.
S. S. Anil
General Secretary
Sri. S. Premkumar,
SLBC, Kerala