Oxygen At home queation and answer in gujarati

 Oxygen At home queation and answer in gujarati

 Q. Why and when is oxygen needed?  Breathe more than 24 times a minute and require oxygen at less than 94% oxygen segregation, said Dr. Krishna Kumar, Director of Respiratory Medicine at Medanta Hospital.  According to Bornali Dutta, any corona patient needs to be given oxygen if his respiratory rate is more than 24 times per minute and his oxygen saturation in the pulse oximeter is less than 94%.  

Medical examination is required before giving oxygen so that the need for oxygen can be assessed.  A video has also been shared about this.  Q. Should corona patients be given oxygen at home?  Under normal circumstances, corona patients should be given oxygen under medical supervision at the hospital.  If you have to give oxygen at home in compulsion, determine the flow and time of oxygen on the advice of a doctor.  First Opinion: Not in the circle of 100% segregation.

12:39 5.00 KBS LIED -4G G4) UTILITY TT FIRST OPINION: Don't fall into the trap of 100% samurai, seek the advice of a specialist, need the advice of Dr. Head of Respiratory Medicine at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon.  According to Arunesh Kumar, the second wave of corona has seen an increase in lung invasions.  Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators can be helpful when it is difficult to get medical help.  Dr.  Arunesh advises that the normal oxygen level is 94% to 99%, but for covid patients it should be between 88% and 92%.  Resource (oxygen) will be depleted soon as the body should not try 100% samurai when it is sick. 

 Before using these machines, expert advice must be sought.  Second Opinion: Oxygen should be given under the supervision of the hospital Dr. Director of Respiratory Medicine at Medanta Hospital.  Bornali Dutta says that one has to keep in mind that oxygen is also a medicine.  As a pulmonologist, we recommend that patients with long-term lung disease (such as COPD) take oxygen at home.  Such people have been taking oxygen for a long time, but the situation is different in Corona.

12:39 6.00 KB / S LIED 4G G4) The position in the utility TT Corona changes rapidly.  The patient's condition can worsen rapidly.  In such a situation we should not give oxygen at home.  We should keep in mind that if a corona patient's oxygen level drops, the patient should be monitored only in the hospital.  Yes.  Many patients with corona may need oxygen even after recovery.  In most cases oxygen needs to be given at home for two to four weeks.  In such cases it should be used with full knowledge of giving oxygen from the doctor. 

 Q. What is oxygen flow, how can it be controlled?  The cylinder contains up to 99% pure medical oxygen, in such a case determine how many liters of oxygen they need per minute depending on the patient's condition.  This rate is called the flow of oxygen.  They range from 1 liter per minute to 15 liters per minute.  The patient receives oxygen not only from the cylinder but also from the surrounding environment.  The cylinder contains 99% pure oxygen and about 21% in the atmosphere.  In such cases the doctor determines the oxygen flow according to the need of the patients.  In addition to the low flow of oxygen, there is also a high flow.

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