New for all persons Tourist visa to Russia for up to 6 months

Stay for up to 6 months in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs a law granting all people from all regions and countries in the world a long-term tourist visa to visit Russia.

Good news for all those who love to travel and visit the countries of this world, especially for lovers of photography and video content makers who move between many cities and countries, this is a new opportunity for everyone who wants to travel and tourism in the Russian Federation, the largest country in the world in terms of area and cultural diversity.

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The new law gives you who wish to travel to visit Russia a six-month tourist visa for all people from all destinations and countries in the world, regardless of the visa policy of these countries with regard to travel to Russia and the procedures with it, that is, the principle of reciprocity was excluded with regard to Tourist visa.

Tourists can also enjoy watching the amazing architecture in various destinations and cities of Russia, the most famous of which are: the capital, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg, in addition to visiting the Red Square in the heart of Russia, without forgetting to learn about Russian customs and traditions, and the experience of enjoying the snowy weather in Russia and different from The rest of the world also winter and snow skiing.

The new law grants all tourists who wish to visit Russia from all countries and destinations of various nationalities, allowing them to obtain a long-term visa to visit Russia and enjoy its moderate summer and picturesque nature.

The document published on the official Internet portal of Russian legal information provides for the possibility of replacing the confirmation of admission of tourists by the Unified Federal Register of Tourist Tour Operators in Russia, with confirmation of hotel reservation only, which is necessary for obtaining an entry visa to Russian territory.

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In the past, Russia used to grant entry visas for a period of one or six months, depending on the length of visas issued by the countries to which the tourists wishing to visit Russia belong, that is, on the basis of reciprocity. Now with this new procedure, Russia allows tourists who have hotel reservations to stay for up to 6 months , only with a tourist visa .

So if you prepared or want to travel  visit Russia this is your time to know this amazing destination.