Must know about ***REMDesiVir***

 *Must know ..* 

*Remdesivir* Is Developed By Gilead Science, A Pharmaceutical Based In Foster City, California. 

The Drug Was Developed By *RAMESH E.M. DESIGAN*  Team Led By Czech Scientist Tomas Cihlar, Primarily For Treatment Of Ebola Virus.

 *Not Many Know Of The Story* *Behind The* *Development & Naming Of This* *Drug* .

It Is Actually Named After *Ramesh E.M. Desigan*, The Lead Scientist In The Team Of Tomas Cihlar.

 *Ramesh* Hails From Rasipuram, Near Salem In Tamil Nadu. Coming From A Poor Family, Ramesh Received A Scholarship To Study At Madras Christian College, Followed By A PhD In Pharmacology From "JNU" New Delhi.

In 2002 *Ramesh* Moved To California, To Work For Gilead Sciences & Was Instrumental In Identifying The Viral Pathway, That Could Be Blocked By Anti-viral Drugs.

Initially Called Ebpantuvir, The Name Was Changed In Honor Of The Inventor Of The Drug To *"REMDesiVir"*.

Additionally In Honor Of This Discovery, Gilead Donated $2 Million To The Rasi International School Where He Did His Primary Education.But very few Indians know about this interesting story.. ..