Management need to shift their focus from financial parameters to human capital, financial parameters will automatically start showing results!

I generally refrain from writing on social platforms respecting Bank’s social policy but its need of the hour to take a little step to address an issue which is affecting almost everyone in this country!
Before I start I must clear that this post is not to demean anyone but to initiate a healthy deliberation on Bank’s policy!
I must admit last a few days have been really heart wrenching witnessing so many SOS, cry outs, obituaries, request for financial help etc on various Bank platforms! Reading cry outs, obituaries of our colleagues, friends and mentors has not only been disturbing but affected the morale of every Bank Employee! Bank fraternity as a whole has suffered maximum brunt during this second wave without any acknowledgement by Govt. or management! We see huge articles, discussions, targets of various capitals in banking parlance but what we are ignoring since many years is our Human Capitals! I have seen none of PSB's management who have set targets for growth of their human capital! Even today when covid is raging lives of many bankers, management is silent! Not even a single condolence or motivation from top echelons of banking fraternity! I agree many circulars, directions have been issued from time to time on covid 19 but on ground it all seems as obnoxious! Today many staffs are dreadful of coming to branches creating further panic and shock! Most guidelines issued are just pieces put together to save skin lest to help staff!
Why our management rather than being proactive gets active only after receiving directions? Lots of lives could have been saved if we were proactive! I would like to reach out to management to be supportive in testing times by issuing guidelines on certain parameters which can really boost the morale of entire unionites!
1. War footing tie-up by regional offices with medical facilities for vaccination of staff and families.
2. Tie up with hospitals at all district centers through LDM or individually to provide medical aid in times of emergency!
3. Instructions should be issued for cashless treatment of covid patients and bills should be settled by TPA at central level!
4. Regional level groups should be formed to engage staff, monitor their health and motivation webinars and guidance to covid positive patients.
5. Since bank has covered all liabilities through Insurance, 50% of terminal benefits should be released immediately on demise of staff and rest within 15 days to support the bereaved family!
6. Ex- gratia amount should be released immediately on intimation of death!
7. Jobs on compassionate ground should be given to staff passed away due to covid.
8. Regional level collections should be made from each staff to help the bereaved family!
9. Institutional quarantine centers should be created to help staff who are posted alone away from their families!
Management need to shift their focus from financial parameters to human capital, financial parameters will automatically start showing results!
Please stay safe and also keep helping wherever you can!