Insaf Rozgar scheme

Take Loan from Insaf Rozgar scheme from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh without interest

New Rozgar scheme has been launched to eradicate poverty and generate employment in Pakistan


This scheme has been launched to create opportunities

Candidates who are interested in doing business can apply from newly merged districts

Involve less privileged people in social and economic activities through the provision of financial services.


In this scheme, the following people have been targeted

Dairy, Herring, Poultry, Fishing, Sericulture, Fisheries and Horticulture

Rotting fruit

Make beautiful

Retailer / Small Trader

The hairdresser



Shoe / Sole Manufacturer

Mattress work


Khadar / Khadi Cloth Makers

Specialist in wax printing

Truck and bus painter


Tailor professional

People involved in transportation

Tire Repair / Puncture

Home textile

Precious stone worker

Small scale artisan

People involved in promoting tourism

People who have completed technical training from a doctor, engineer, graduate, technical college, skill training institute or vocational training center.

Physically challenged people who have obtained skill certificate from skill training institutes

Agricultural businessman

Who have beauty and decoration skills

Small scale artisan


Technician, Mechanic, Plumber

Medical profession

Photography and film production



Small scale artisan

Home Business for Skilled Women

Eligibility criteria

Permanent Residents of New Integrated Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Id card holder

The candidate has been residing at the present address for two years

Age range from 18 to 50 years

All of FATA residents who want to start or expand their business on a small scale

A business which is legally legal

Small businessman


People who have skills and are trained by a technical institute who do not have the capital for business

Bachelor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Training Program

How much loan can be obtained from this scheme and when to repay

Skilled people can borrow up to one million according to their business plan

People with skills of any category can borrow up to Rs 500,000.

Women can borrow up to 300,000 as per business plan

In addition, the rest can borrow from fifty thousand to three million.

No installment repayments for three months. After that you will have to repay the loan in three years with a monthly installment.

A government employee above the seventh scale must be offered for guarantee

Persons who are not eligible for this scheme


Government employee

Not a student

Individuals who are responsible for bank loans

People who have taken loan from Government Foundation


How to register?

The application can be made by visiting any branch of Khyber Bank or by downloading and filling the form from the online website of Khyber Bank and can submit it to Khyber Bank.

Registration is underway for the entire FATA region