How To join in Punjab Police in Pakistan

 How To join in Punjab Police Full Detail

In this post, we will talk about the Pakistan Police ۔First of all we will say something about Punjab Police we will know the procedure to apply and all its requirements. We will talk about the police of all the provinces of Pakistan. To read all these details, you have read this post at the end.

What is Punjab Police:

Punjab Police is brave police. It is one of the best police in the world. It recruits Pakistani youth who want to eradicate evil from this country. Only young people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for this country are included in Punjab Police. The job of the police is to eradicate crime from their country and bring peace to their country. The police work day and night to bring peace to their country. We work hard day and night to fulfill this duty. The police system is present in all the provinces of Pakistan. We will see the details in this post. The police have a duty to eradicate the evils in society and bring peace that society can develop.

Punjab Police:

Punjab Police is one of the best police in Pakistan. There are a number of requirements that be met to apply to the police. Only the people of Punjab can apply in this post. If anyone has a domicile of Punjab you can apply in it.

Sindh Police:

The police of Sindh province are called Sindh Police. This Police is the best Police of Pakistan. Even in this police, the youth are doing their duty well. They are doing their best to eradicate the evils in Sindh. There are police in all the provinces of Pakistan who are eradicating the evils in Pakistan. It helps in controlling every crime in Pakistan.

KPK Police Jobs:

 The jobs of Constable and Sub Constable have been announced in KP Police which I will tell you in this post and I will tell you many more details.

Punjab Police Requirement:

Different requirements are required to apply to Punjab Police. If these requirements are met you can apply in it. In this post, I will explain some of the important ones.

  • Height:
  • 5 Foot 6 Inch
  • Chest:
  • 86 cm

Punjab Police Education:

Punjab Police has educationrequirements from primary to master. It has different posts in which different education is available. If you want to a Become constable, you have at education matriculation.


males and females apply to Punjab Police. There is a large number of families in this police.

Age Limit:

The police recruit mostly young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

How to Join Punjab Police Jobs:

If you want to apply to Pakistan Police, first of all, you have to fulfill some requirements which I have mentioned above you can read Now let's look at how to apply. If you want to apply to the police of any province you have to first see if there are any jobs in that police not you have to search on google first to join Punjab Police. The police of each province has given its official website. You can go to these websites and see that the job has come. If the job has come, you will find the online application form there. You can submit the online application from there. In the application form that will be given, you have to put your original information in it. No wrong information has been entered if you give the wrong information Your application will be rejected.

Punjab Police Test:

After applying, it is your turn to take the test. Only after passing the test can you proceed. First, your height and chest are checked, and your test is taken. If you pass this test you can qualify for the next step. First of all, a physical test is done the medical test is taken. If you clear the medical test, you have test. In the interview, you are asked various questions. If you take this interview you will be qualified for this post. You will be sent a letter in a few days.

Punjab Police Traning:

you come to Pakistan Police, you are trained first. This training is not difficult for the Pakistan Army it is easy. This training tells you how to fight criminals in a good way if you do this training. If you pass well, you will be sent to a place where you can work.

Not Eligible for Punjab Police:

If someone has a police case or a case against them, they cannot apply to the police. If someone has committed a crime and has brought a punishment, that person cannot apply for it.

You cannot apply if you do not have an ID card or if you do not have a domicile. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot apply.

If you have a disability you can't apply to each other


You need any help you can let us know by commenting and we will answer every question you may have. If you are having any difficulty in applying for any job, you can let us know and we will definitely respond to your comment. If there is anything wrong with it, you can comment and tell me I will try to make it better.


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