How to get and apply free scholarship to Canada

Study in Canada for Free

How to get a free scholarship to Canada to study after high school / baccalaureate, explaining details of how to apply to universities in Canada to study and how to obtain admission in any Canadian university with the way to go to the scholarship you want in the same major that you study in, in light of the multiplicity of grants Study and university and at the same time what are the vacancies available in the scholarships to speed up the application process, in addition to how to understand yourself about your need for a specific scholarship.

Many students think that it is difficult to obtain a university scholarship in a specialization, while others see the opposite and are looking for Canadian universities in the process of obtaining a scholarship opportunity to study in Canada.

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* Details on how to obtain a scholarship to Canada 

Scholarships to study in Canada, how to obtain a study permit in Canada with the advantages that the student will have there.

For foreigners wishing to complete the stages of education there, the study in Canada is divided into two parts:

 -Paid study,

In other words, the person pays the costs of the study for the entire period that he will stay in Canada

 - Free or semi-free study,

Which is provided by scholarships provided by Canadian universities. Which is open to all students from different committees around the world.

The most famous scholarships offered by universities in Canada, which are funded by a percentage, including those that are fully funded, and they are called free scholarships, meaning paid scholarships, for students wishing to complete their studies in Canada without forgetting the conditions of the student himself about the direction of the scholarship.

Which provides scholarships to study in Canada

In some universities that also provide scholarships, there are organizations that provide scholarships, in addition to state governments in the major provinces that also provide scholarships, for example OTS provided by the Ontario government.

There are also scholarships for master's degrees, which are provided by researchers and scientists in a specific specialty. For example, a researcher in space science who wants to provide assistance to students in the same field, as he will publish an offer of a grant with organizations or universities with the aim of recruiting students looking for a grant in that field, and this will be if the researcher's file submitted for his project is accepted for students to submit. In this case, an advertisement will be downloaded on the Internet in which the scholarship seekers request a scholarship.

To find out about these types of scholarships, please only search within any section of the university's website or organization that offers these scholarships to find out all the details about them and how to apply.  

You can also search on the LinkedIn network about the doctors or researchers who offer scholarships in certain specializations and correspond with them about those scholarships and what qualifications you possess in order to be able to apply and be accepted. 

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* Requirement for obtaining a scholarship in Canada

A scholarship in Canada has its own conditions, and each scholarship differs according to the needs of the students and the party providing them. Except if it is a university, organization, or doctors and researchers ..

 There are special scholarships in Canada :

•scholarships for girls
•scholarships for males
•scholarships for certain countries
•scholarships for a specific age group
•scholarships only for Canadians
•scholarships for residents of Canada
•scholarships for a particular university

Meaning, scholarships differ among them according to Canadian universities, organizations and provinces. Through the scholarship announcement available on the Internet, you can first review the conditions to determine your direction before proceeding with the application.

 * Things to strengthen in the application for admission to a scholarship in Canada

Scholarships in Canada have great competition, as there are millions of students from all countries of the world who want to apply to complete their studies at Canadian universities, so for this, and to strengthen yourself in the application for a scholarship, you must:

1- The first thing is the language test known as IELTS, and in order for it to be acceptable, a minimum of 7 must be obtained in the language test in order to guarantee the application for a scholarship.

 2- Secondly, they are the grades obtained by the student in previous academic stages, such as high school and bachelor’s, or in the master’s, which is known as the GPA, meaning whatever your numbers are good, the chance of application and admission is very high.

3- Third, experience, and this is for people applying for a master's or doctoral scholarship.
How experience is calculated: Starting with the graduation project, the research that you have completed, competitions in which you participated, all this strengthens the application for a scholarship in Canada.

4- Fourth, is what is known as the Letter of recommendation
It is possible for your professor to study in a particular subject or your manager at work who writes the letter of recommendation, then you only have to submit it to the body that provides the scholarship that you want to obtain. 

This is the information that you should know about how to apply and obtain a scholarship in Canada.