How to apply for Google Africa Developer Scholarship

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Search for studying in the field of development in technology,is a good idea today with many opportunities later when search for job ...

So the IT field and the specialist in development in technology find her self to looking for a scholarship in technology companies to get  more information and lessons as Google Africa Developer Scholarship.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship Departments 

Grow with Google programs, which is a program to support program developers across the continent of Africa, are based in three different technological fields and have very high returns on global job market demands:

* Associate Android developer

* Associate cloud engineer

* Mobile web specialist

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Take your skills to the most advanced level in technology and software development

This program aims to connect and bring together existing developers that are professionals in the field who seek with new aspirants to help them build the skills they need to get a job in the technology field after the program ends. In addition, the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program (GADS) grants participants free access to embedded training courses, projects and laboratories (supported by Qwiklabs) and skills assessments; Plus support from the Google developer community. The resources available in this program will help developers build the skills needed to earn their Google certification. Previous participants continued to build impactful projects for their communities, took amazing steps in their career travels, and even became Google certified developers and engineers.

How to apply for Google Africa Developer Scholarship

Admission to this program is limited, so get started today to ensure you don't miss it! Priority will be given to applicants by several factors over the amount of content required about the consumer and other target demographics.

In order to participate in the Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in a country in Africa. You can only enroll in one educational track or role .