here we point out few positive points of Banker, Reader are requested to post here negetive point of bankers

We know that there are various challenges in the banking job. But as we know there are always two sides of a coin. I want to share some points of it:
1. Financially we are stable , getting salary on time which is not there in various departments. Getting housing loan car loan festival loan etc on a very nominal rate comparte to market. So normally we never worries about our financial commitments.
2. Getting good salary along with perks which are comparable from ministry and other central government job except in case of Clerks.
3. Promotion is easy in Banks comparable to other state and central department. So better career growth.
4. Timing is more but now a days central ministries and other departments are also working in similar fashion.
5. Last thing is it is our job we should never disrespect it we can keep looking for a better job. If we are capable of a better job for sure we will get.
6. At the time of joining bank we all were knowing it is all india transferrable job but still we joined.
7. At the time of joining everyone was knowing the salary and from that time it is increased for sure. Then why we are not satisfied.
So instead of sharing negativity all around us start preparing for good job if u think that is better than this.
Due to this negativity other who are actually doing well in banking gets demotivated and frustrated.