Corona ma karmachari ne sahay babt chrcklist and gr

 Corona ma karmachari ne sahay babt chrcklist and gr 

Shelo Kavisha Joshi takes refuge in the crevice during the day.  Small rates in the ground also remain by digging yourself.  Walking slowly with its tiny little legs, this animal seems to be stumbling.  Run fast if you feel scared, friends, have you seen Shela?  It is also like a rat and if caught, this large and belly animal is known for its thorny body, which immediately hides the part and leaves only the thorns on the outside.

  It remains like a round ball in our Gujarat Kutch.  He has many swimming skills in Saurashtra, North and Central Gujarat.  Found in the body areas of the shell.  The thorns on the muddy brown are hollow hair, made up of a keratin-colored face that is triangular and small.  So if a venomous snake bites, it is his.  Gray-white thorn-like hair does not affect its forehead.  Because her and her cheeks are covered. 

 Small muscle contains a protein called irinasan.  This small animal with ears, small four legs and claws is an insect.  The sense of smell is sharp and the animal has a round body.  The prey detects the prey with the help of the odor from the head and the starting thorns of the teeth catch the prey with the help of the back and the upper part and the prey is shaped like a ball to the back.  Holds the thorny part and takes it in stride. 

 This time its thorns are cream colored.  His eyes and ears are raised.  Food or water shortages develop.  The tail is short.  He has five fingers at his own rate for a few days when he is in the foot.  It runs on claws.  Goes into hibernation.  It is 15 to 20 cm long and weighs 50 grams by the madaris in the pre-500 gram period. 

 The life of the goat was captured and shown with the snake.  Four to five years is considered.  Domesticated goats also eat pieces of meat, bhakri, and other foods that are left unattended during the night.  Human Activity Strange looking animal is rarely seen.  With the growth and cultivation of cultivated land, dry leaves, twigs or hollow trunks of stone are now rarely seen.  108 / B, 1st Floor, Tirth Residency, Sargasan, Gandhinagar Vidya is the key for the sacrament-irrigation of human beings.


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