An appeal to Govt by a common banker please implement banking hours upto 2 p. m and alternate dsy banking to save the life of bankers

An Appeal 
In This present environment when I read such news of demise of staff or relatives of staff, send chill to my bone,shakes the core of my heart. I am having nightmares and feeling very helpless. No one knows when the counts ends. When making this appeal with the moist eyes.
Can’t our UFBU take a stand for reduced working Hours up to 2 PM and raise it with FM office.
Why SLBC of every state has to raise the issue with the respective Govt as some state Government think otherwise,Govt of  Haryana is one of them, proposal for reduction of working hours is lying with them for more than one week.
If still the Central Government doesn’t yield can’t we go on Mass short leave(After 2 PM) every day. Banks Being a essential service can not be closed but work hours can be reduced.We can not assemble but this is also one sort of agitation.
Neither the Government nor the Management understands the pathetic conditions of Bankers. Judges have shut down the courts,  Skeleton staff is present in  the Government office doing minimal work. Management is controlling from the administrative offices. Only Bankers are left in the field to face the heat as if they are shielded from the COVID-19.
Public is in no mood to understand the gravity of the conditions, not adhering to the Covid-19 protocol. 
With shortage of staff branches are  not able manage the crowed and make them more prone to COVID 19 exposure.
We are Bankers but aren’t we have the responsibility of a SON/ DAUGHTER,HUSBAND/WIFE,FATHER / MOTHER and Brother and Sister. And No one can shoulder these responsibilities except the person himself or herself. If any banker dies tomorrow his place will be replaced but who will replace him/her or their relative in different roles of the family.
So before we lose many more, Let’s stand united and fight for own cause.🙏🙏🙏

An appeal by a common banker 🙏

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