8 cases of aspergillosis in Gujarat after 'black fungus'

8 cases of aspergillosis in Gujarat after 'black fungus'

New Delhi / Vadodara: The entire country is currently facing another wave of epidemic corona virus. Corona's bark is still barely growing, there is a rapid spread of black fungus. There have been more than 11,000 cases of black fungus in the country so far. After the black fungus, corona patients are now falling prey to one more disease. This new disease is called aspergillosis. Similar to black fungus, it is found only in patients recovering from Covid-19 on aspergillosis.

8 patients with aspergillosis in Gujarat

Gujarat and Maharashtra have the highest number of cases of black fungus in the country as compared to other states. Cases of black fungus are increasing rapidly in Gujarat. In the last few days, 262 new cases of black fungus have been reported in Vadodara, Gujarat. Out of which 8 people have been diagnosed with a new fungus Aspergillosis. Many other types of fungal infections have become a cause for concern amid the Corona epidemic.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), aspergillosis is an infection caused by Aspergillus. Which is a common type of fungus that lives indoors and outdoors. It is usually produced on broken leaves and rotten objects. The infection is seen in people with weakened immune systems.

This fungus enters the body through our breath. Which is more dangerous for patients with lung disease or people with weakened immunity. Experts believe that this black fungus is less dangerous than infection, but it cannot be taken lightly.

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 Symptoms of aspergillosis

→Closed nose



→Decreased sense of smell

→Shortness of breath

→Weight loss

→Coughing up blood