Cryptocurrency Investment Questions

If you are planning or pondering about investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, there are 3 questions you must seek answers of. 

1. Is investing in Bitcoin/Crypto worth in 2021?
2. What is the technology behind these cryptocurrencies? Blockchain?

3. What is the 'value proposition' & future of Bitcoin/Crypto? 

I have tried to touch upon these questions in my video. And, I am also seeking answers to the above questions, as these 3 questions though are not completely independent of each other, needs different lens to come to a reasonable answer.

In my view if you are looking for short gains, seeking the answer to just first question would suffice.
Not so, if you are betting a large sum of your long term portfolio in Cryptocurrencies. In that case, you need to holistically look at the answers to these 3 questions in sufficient detail.