Sports Mama Review: FOTO Vision Personalized Rally Towel

Our season opener is just one day away!!! It will have been a whole 464 days since our last game... yep, I counted. I'm thankful, nervous, and excited all at the same time!

Thankful because I honestly didn't know if we'd even get here. As you know football is a Fall sport... we're in February. High School football was a no-go in the Fall here in Virginia. In fact, there are still many school districts who are not allowing football, or high school sports at all for that matter. 

I'm nervous for a couple of different reasons. The boys usually have 4 weeks to get ready for their first game, this season they had two. Will they be ready after such a long hiatus? Will playing in such frigid temps affect their play? I'm also nervous because No. 1 is the starting Varsity quarterback! He's been a quarterback since he was 8 so I know he will be just fine, but the mama bear in me can't help but be a little anxious. 

And I'm excited because a) football is back and b) NO. 1 IS THE STARTING VARSITY QUARTERBACK!!! It's his time to shine. And it's my time to cheer louder than ever before! I've got my heated stadium seat, thermal socks, beanie, scarf, gloves, and blanket in our team colors of course, my cowbell, and this awesome personalized rally towel from FOTO Vision!

I absolutely LOVE it, mamas!!! The most obvious reason is the fact that they can be 100% personalized. Simply upload the photo of your choice and add any additional artwork you'd like, including text! The images are printed from edge to edge. FOTO Vision uses a dye-sublimation heat transfer process that allows them to print high-resolution photography. Below is a picture of the mock up.

The quality is equally as great. These 100% polyester, machine washable towels are supplied by Pro Towels, the largest promotional towel supplier in the industry. They've supplied both professional and college athletic teams with their sports rally towels!

And last but most definitely not least, they are only $6.99!!! Say what?! I mean, you can barely get a combo at your favorite fast food burger joint for that. Even Coach Hubby was amazed at the price. These rally towels would make great Senior Night or end of season gifts! I'm planning on ordering them for our entire coaching staff.

Ready to order your own, click HERE! Be sure to use promo code SPORTSMAMA21 to save 10%. You can order personalized beach towels, blankets and more!

Wish us luck. GO SPARTANS!!!


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*** Disclaimer: FOTO Vision was kind enough to send me their product, however, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own ***