OrCam Read - For theVisually Impaired

This is a well-designed device that converts text to speech.  It has been designed for all visually impaired people.  The video explains the OrCam Read.  It is expensive.  While there are other devices for the 'low vision' community, they are inadequate in many circumstances.

Many of these patients are in the senior group, covered by Medicare.  However Low Vision devices, magnifiers, or optical lenses are NOT covered by CMS.  In 2017 H.R. 2050 was proposed by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D N.Y.). However, it was not passed.  CMS reimburses for other aids, such as wheelchairs, crutches, and other ambulatory aids.  Vision is certainly necessary to ambulate safely.
This a glaring discrimination again low vision patients.   It is expensive however it can be purchased over time at a reasonable rate.  CMS often leases expensive wheelchairs or another prosthesis.  Why not the Orcam.  I urge you to call your representative today to lobby for the legislation to be reintroduced and ask them to sign on to the bill.

Please consider signing the petition. You will find it at change.org.