Covid 19 vaccine was not a more

Many politicians claim the vaccine is a miracle, however like magic the truth is in the science.

History of  CIRM

Over 15 years ago, in California, proposition 71 was presented to the voters to create the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and funded it with a 3 billion dollar bond issue. This occurred when then President George Bush placed a ban on harvesting human fetal tissue for stem cell research. The reason was the hot topics of right to life and faith issues.  It was a political issue. 

The CIRM allowed stem cell research to continue using adult stem cells in lieu of fetal stem cells. Certain adult organs contained primitive and only partially differentiated stem cells. Tissues that rapidly multiply such as bone marrow and skin were likely candidates.  Fortunately, this hypothesis was true. 

This formed the foundation for the Moderna and Pfizer-Bionet covid 19 vaccines. CIRM  is an interesting story in itself and worth reading about. 

Had CIRM not been formed there would have been other significant delays in the basic science of stem cells.