To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate

That is the question, and the answer is a definite and resounding yes.   There are many 'anti-vaxxers' out there.  No matter what the vaccine their clear message is 'hell no, I won't go' or over my dead body (and that can happen)

Even if you have had previous vaccines and had a reaction, the COVID19 vaccine is a totally new game in town.  It does not use a whole viral particle, live, or deactivated. The covid protein spike cannot reproduce. It is not grown in an egg or any other living cell.  There is little to no chance of an allergic reaction.  

There are many reasons to get the vaccine. For your own protection, to prevent someone else who may be at risk of death due to age, compromised immunity or chronic health issues.  Children are important as well even though most do not get very sick or even have symptoms, and just carriers.  Children represent a large viral pool in the general population and will spread it to other children and adults.

No one has mentioned that SARS viruses mutate often, at times into even worse viral pathogens.  The more viral divisions, the greater the chance of a harmful genetic mutation.  The longer the pandemic lasts the increased chance of another even more severe novel Corona Virus.  How much time we have, no one really knows.  SARS outbreaks occur at 10-15 year intervals from past experience. But not one can be certain.

In addition to the usual concerns, there is a new excuse for not vaccinating. This has to do with the new manufacturing process using messenger RNA.  There is some confusion.  Some patients think that Messenger RNA is being injected into humans and the vaccine is generated in our own cells. There is concern that this is human genetic engineering. There are no human genes involved.

Messenger RNA is not injected into humans.  The only substance injected is the coronavirus protein spike which is manufactured in a laboratory container filled with the correct amino acids and a specific mRNA to construct an artificial protein spike. 

The artificial covid spike is so unstable that it must be kept very cold in order to prevent it from degrading. Not only do the amino acids have to be in the correct sequence the protein must be in a specific 3D shape held together by the bonding of the amino acids in order to be active.  Scientists have been at work developing the technique for more than 25 years.

The FDA consults with scientists who have no conflicting interest and who review all the literature dating back to the seminal articles of DNA, RNA, proteomics, and manufacturing processes down to inspection of pharmaceutical plants. The FDA has enforcement authority to shut down any plant not meeting their regulations for deviations from the manufacturing process, lack of sterility, and more. The process is exhaustive.

The Manufacturing Sounds of a Virus

Marcus Buehler's Sound Cloud Music of Virus Production

What is messenger RNA ?

Graphic Representations of Covid 19 Vaccine Production

Covid19 spike configuration

How it works

Tracking the Development of COVID19 Vaccine

Thousands of scientists were involved in developing a safe and effective vaccine. This groundbreaking development is a catalytic innovation and a paradigm shift for vaccine production reducing the process from several years to several months.

And the winners are:  BionTech/Pfizer and Moderna