“Deep Now”: Empowering the Minds of Traders & Investors

Ever since man began to trade, he or she has sought the best ways of making it a profitable experience.

Superior product and market knowledge, better analysis and information, knowing the competitors, being aware of risks and having a plan all came together to hopefully help the profits roll in. But the general consensus is that the majority of folk trading in financial markets, be they professional or retail, have a very tough time making money.

It is often thought that success is down to a magic formula, and that failure is down to gaps in that formula, such as a lack of product knowledge, low market intellect, not having a plan or process and having no sense of risk management. Whilst there may be some truth there, that sounds far too convenient. If it was that formulaic, it would be relatively easy to correct.  

What the formula misses is one key component, we can call it ‘natural smartness’, savviness, being marketwise, being able to feel the market to become part of the market. Collectively this is termed ‘The Inner Game’, but it is in fact a lot deeper than that. Amrit Saal one of the exceptional traders featured in Jack Schwager’s new book, ‘Unknown Market Wizards’, called it  “Deep now”, where your ‘true edge’, your awareness, your curiosity, your resilience to adversity and your attention to commit to rock solid processes drive your trading performance.

This paragraph is an excerpt from Amrit Saal’s interview with Jack Schwager, in Unknown Market Wizards.

Jack Schwager wrote that Amrit has one of the best track records he has ever encountered. In a 13-year career he has achieved an average annual compounded return in excess of 300%.

Now within that Inner Game battle is the biggest disrupter of all, stress. The knotted stomach, gut wrenching version of it that sits waiting for its moment to dissolve what edge you had and confine it to the history books. The impact of stress on your trading game is profound.

Let us explain, under stress you will have spotlight vision, lack of self-care, little innovation, a lagged response, reduced ability to communicate effectively, increased error vulnerability and depleted resilience... not to mention a chemical stress response that ruins sleep and your ability to rest – which at a fundamental level of being, your brain cannot do without. This is not a mental state that will make you money!

So, what’s the answer? self-help books and currently available online training give a hint but hold back from real answers and any real context from not having experienced first-hand the rigors and challenges of the world of trading. This is where our AlphaMind Trader Mental Strength Programme comes into play.

The AlphaMind programmes are not aimed at making quick fixes or providing a hacks. You cannot develop the mental skills needed at the flick of a switch, or merely by reading a book or watching a 5 minute YouTube video. This is a major mistake many traders make. Trading is not a formula, and the hardest part of trading, is developing these mental skills which bring the structure you need which supports the strategies and processes that are so vital to your success.

Attendees to this ground-breaking AlphaMind Trader Mental Strength Programme will learn how to

Awaken a deep self that operates at an optimal level of elite performance

Train you to switch off the disruptive negative triggers and engage with the smartest piece of trading technology you have access to… Your Mind

Give you a toolkit to put structure into process

Increase your markets composure and resilience to take shock and release from shock

Awaken and broaden your market awareness and alpha opportunities

Get closure on tough trading days to be able to release to rest

Meta power your day with powerful micro breaks

Proactively manage process killing distractions

Understand your stress response and learn how to pro-actively control it

Seek your true purpose and translate that into defining your trader rhythm

The reason why the AlphaMind Trader Mental Strength Programme is so effective is down to the authenticity of delivery. It is co-created and delivered by ex-market seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the trenches who have turned trading learning on its head, shaken the tree and coded what is probably the most effective training programme for traders and investment professionals as well as leaders and managers anywhere in the world.

To know more about this programme, email us at ceo@markrandallconsultancy.com or info@alpharcubed.com.

Markets are not getting any easier, investing in the right training has never been more important. It is an investment in yourself, it is the most important investment you can ever make to develop and sustain your edge. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our powerful Trader Performance Coaching Programme focuses on helping people develop and improve the key risk skills, abilities and mindsets which contribute to trading performance mastery.

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