Covid 19 Depression ?

How are you coping with almost a year of social distancing, wearing a mask, and not being able to use many facilities such as gyms, restaurants, clubs, and more?  Those who seem to be coping the best have already established routines of meditation, yoga, exercise routines, and eating a healthy diet.

Health Train Express today is focusing on mental health, whether it is depression, anxiety or fear. All of those are a natural outcome of what we all have experienced with COVID 19.  This may have affected young people even more than adults or older people. Children and adolescents are highly social in a critical time of development learning to socialize and deal with adolescent anxiety and changes.  Most of these ideas will help you and your kids.  Arrested social development can be a serious long term outcome of COVID19, as schools are closed.  Remote learning is not suitable for children who complain they miss their friends.

Health Train Express does not usually endorse specific products, however today we are making an exception, and the reason is a unique partnership with Synctuition. This partnership will promote Health Train Express on their site, and also some of their content will appear here today and in the future.

Here is a sample of their content:

Like any other major, worldwide events, the COVID-19 crisis has forever changed our routines and the way we see life. It has also reshaped our romantic relationships. As several nations across the world slowly emerge from lockdown, we reflect on the way we’ve been separated from our loved ones or been obliged to live in close proximity with our partners. Every experience has been unique, but it has raised some concerns. 

For some, the high confinement has created tensions and caused serious conflict. In March, for example, China saw a dramatic peak in divorce requests. Something similar has happened in other European nations. 

However, this is not something exclusive of the current health emergency. Romantic relationships are hard work. With everything going around you — your career, children, hobbies, and personal goals — it’s easy to lose sight of how much you care about your significant other. Especially when you’re going through a rough patch. 

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