The web is full of junk health info. This startup wants to change that | ZDNet

A crowdsourcing platform aims to provide better insight into health issues than is currently available..

Digital Health transformation announcements are all over the place.  

Covid19 fuels, even more, use of health IT, including telehealth.  The use of telehealth (video) expanded over 1000 percent in less than one month when social distancing and lockdowns prevented in-person visits to clinician offices,  Fortunately, the infrastructure was already existent. It was a matter of training providers and patients to utilize the untapped resource.

There remain issues that are worrisome. 

In the age of social media, blogs, and online forums, the most common practice when feeling slightly under the weather has undeniably become to resort to a quick Google search. Unfortunately, when they are not unnecessarily worrying, the answers found on the web are typically inconclusive.

That observation is what prompted Israeli entrepreneur Yael Elish to launch StuffThatWorks, an AI-based online platform that collects crowdsourced data about a host of chronic conditions. The idea is that, unlike Facebook groups or Reddit threads, the information shared by patients is centralized and assessed for quality to readily provide informed data to other users who are enquiring about their own symptoms.

                                            INFORMATION IS POWER

You know your condition best. How it feels. What aggravates it. Which treatments work. (And which ones don’t.)
Let’s share our experiences in an organized way and discover what can work best for each of us. StuffThatWorks is a crowdsourcing website to gather data for many health conditions. Take the survey to contribute your knowledge of your own condition which will be aggregated using artificial intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing offers a powerful means of collecting health data from patients and aggregating the information for reports using a survey methodology offered by StuffThatWorks

Not only for crowdsourcing, but artificial intelligence also has broad applications in digital health transformation for virtual rounding and others.

The web is full of junk health info. This startup wants to change that | ZDNet