AlphaMind Podcast Episode 57: Jack Schwager: Unknown Market Wizards

Jack Schwager, author of the legendary Market Wizards series of books, talks about his latest book, Unknown Market Wizards, more than 3 decades after the publication of the original Market Wizard’s book.

This is the podcast interview we have been waiting to do all year. We have been huge fans of the Market Wizards series of books since the first one landed with a splash in 1989. That was a time when trading had first exploded beyond the confines of the old-fashioned stock and commodity exchanges. There were new futures floors, new instruments, and rapid expansion of trading activities buoyed by the growth of futures and derivatives contracts and juiced up by the early computerised trading systems.

Through a series of interviews for the book Jack Schwager introduced the world to trading legends, until then relatively unknown outside their small corner of the world. Traders such as Michael Marcus, who busted time after time after time, before finally growing $30,000 into $80,000,000 over a 10-year period. We learned of the wisdom of Ed Seykota, the feats of Paul Tudor-jones, and the skills of Richard Dennis. Jack introduced us to the Trading Turtles, and to many quotes which even now people repeat over and over again as inspirations. 

Schwager followed up the original book with 3 more outstanding versions, the New Market Wizards, Stock Market Wizards, and Hedge Fund Wizards, and now he has done it again, taking us in one sense back to the beginning and in another sense into the 2020s, with Unknown Market Wizards.

We were delighted to have a chance to talk with chat, and for once Jack the interviewer, become Jack the interviewee. You can hear the fantastic insights Jack shares with us in his own words from years of talking to and working with the best around.
It was a pleasure for us to this interview, and we are sure you will get something from it, whether you are new to the scene, or like us, have been around the markets for decades. 

To hear a Soundbite of the Podcast, listen here: