AlphaMind Podcast Episode 53: Morgan Housel: The Psychology of Money

'The Psychology of Money' is a brilliant new book written by former Motley Fool and Wall Street Journal finance columnist Morgan Housel. The book has been described as "one of the best and most original finance books in years" by the Wall Street Journal and had quickly leapt to the top of the Finance Book best-seller charts.

Investing legend Howard Marks had this to say about the book.

‘Housel's observations often hit the daily double: they say things that haven't been said before, and they make sense.’

The Psychology of Money is one of those books that people will talk about for years. We were delighted to have had a chance to read the Psychology of Money pre-publication and were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Morgan and ask him about some of themes which ran thought his book.

In this interview Morgan tells us about the book and what inspired him to write it. We also discussed some of the great anecdotes in the book and some of the stories behind them.

We hope you enjoy this episode and will feel inspired to go and read (or listen to), and quite possibly re-read, 'The Psychology of Money'.

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