Daily Gratitude Affirmation for 'Jivatma'

The universe provides me everything I need. 
Its timing is just perfect. 
Food, clothing, shelter, knowledge, joy, entertainment, sensual pleasures 
and everything amongst them is provided by a diligent mechanism 
to nurture the 'Jivatma' and dispel the darkness of ignorance. 

Universe is listening to you. 
Be sincere and clear, 
universe will send everything your way. 
Caveat is you need to start treading the path, 
universe doesn't knock on doors, 
it meets you at the highway of life. 
Now, it's your choice to stay at home and be foolishly wishful 
or step out take a bus/auto/metro 
or drive your own car 
or else book an Uber! 
But you need to be on the way to meet your gifts coming along