The AlphaMind Podcast Episode 46: Brain Pezim: Swing Trading and Trading Psychology.

This week’s guest is Brian Pezim. Brian is author of ‘How To Swing Trade: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Tools, Money Management, Rules, Routines and Strategies of a Swing Trader’. 

Brian placed his first trade in 1967, and still holds that stock, though it’s fair to say ‘Buy and Hold’ is not his style. 

Brian has always been an active trader, though he started his career as an engineer in his native Vancouver, and still does some consulting work in that field. However, principally he is a retail trader, and in addition also mentor other traders at the excellent Bear Bull Traders community. 

In this episode we had a deep and very rich discussion with Brian covering a wide range of themes including: 

  • How Swing Trading enables a trader to take advantage of short-term trends, longer term trends, and over-extensions.
  • How people can identify which trading style is best for them. 
  • How swing-trading enables a thought-out trade process that is easy to fit into a lifestyle where you have other priorities which require your time. 
  • Fishing for ideas by using approaches which scan thousands of stocks using screening tools such as Finviz and Chartmill and exchanging ideas with people from Stocktwits whose opinion he values.
  • How to make sense of the ideas by doing your homework, developing a fundamental understanding of markets and conceptualising plans for the trade.
  • The importance of having a fundamental understanding of background and context to a market or sector and understanding where and how money is rotating into and out of sectors. 
  • The psychological challenges of sticking with trades and not taking profit early so that performance is compromised.
  • Improving the psychological aspects of trading and working on fighting human nature and mental state. 
  • The importance of balance in your life, healthy lifestyle, physical health, managing your day, staying mentally healthy.
  • The huge importance of having a Risk Management process.  
  • Being able to continually adapt strategies to whats working and current.
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