The AlphaMind Podcast: Paul Gordon – Explains and Discusses Bitcoin for the Crypto-Curious and the Crypto-Sceptical.

In this episode Alphamind Coinscrum founder Paul Gordon – Explains and Discusses Bitcoin for the Crypto-Curious and the Crypto-Sceptical.

Bitcoin, and the world of cryptos, divides opinion. At one end of the scale are the cynics and sceptics, at the other end are those fascinated and fully invested in all things crypto. In between comes everyone else by varying degrees.

The needle is however moving on this scale: Some cynics are becoming less cynical and more curious, and some of the more curious are starting to dabble in crypto as an investable asset class and a tradable instrument.

In the past week, Paul Tudor-Jones announced that he has a small proportion of his private assets invested in Bitcoin, whilst Renaissance Technologies, the world’s most successful hedge, has started exploring the possibility of playing in Bitcoin futures.

There is a lot of speculation around the Bitcoin ‘halving’ event, which takes place this week (which is explained in this week's podcast), and articles about Bitcoin ‘Stock to Flow’ have recently grabbed a lot of attention. 

Bitcoin itself, has recently rebounded well in price after some extreme volatility at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, though volatility in price action remains elevated.

Considering this, the AlphaMind podcast had its first venture into the world of Bitcoin. We talked with Paul Gordon, who for almost 2 decades was a conventional futures trader and broker, working for major investment banks such as HSBC. Paul become interested in Bitcoin shortly after its creation and well ahead of it starting to gain prominence and more widespread interest. 

In 2012 Paul founded Coinscrum, the world's first and still the largest and most active bitcoin/blockchain networking group. 
Soon afterwards, he left the world of futures trading behind to become involved in the world of Bitcoin and Crypto, as an investor, advisor, consultant, and advocate. 

In This Episode: 

Paul tells us about the rise of cryptocurrencies, how they derive value, some of the challenges they faces in gaining wider acceptance and credibility, and where they are on the journey to become more accepted as investable assets and tradable currencies.

Paul also provided an ‘Idiots Guide to Halving', why it happens, and what some of the implications of this maybe. 

He also discusses some of the fundamental factors behind Bitcoin and why ‘Stock to Flow’ is of interest to Bitcoin followers.

Finally, Paul shared some of his own long-term technical analysis on the Bitcoin price and where it may be heading in future months. An article which he refers to in the episode which contains his original analysis he produced using a long-term Elliott Wave count can be viewed here. As he explains in this episode, he stands by this as a favoured future path, though he has adjusted his projection levels since this article was written and further price action has unfolded.

This interview has something for the cynical, the curious and everyone in between. Paul shares his knowledge and opinion in ways which will illuminate your understanding of cryptocurrencies in ways few others can.

Disclaimer: Paul’s analysis and opinions, and those of us at the AlphaMind podcast, do not constitute investment or trading advice and are not to be taken as investment or trading advice.

Episode Links

For those interested in knowing and learning more about Paul and his work you can visit his Linkedin page. There you will be able to access many publications and articles mentioned in this podcast.

You can also visit Coinscrum where you can access their new weekly Crypto Markets Insights & Analysis Show, and other great content. 

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