Alphabet Verily is launching an antibody research study for Covid-19

Verily is adapting its existing clinical trial technology, Project Baseline, to the coronavirus. 

Its initial focus will be to study antibody testing. 
There are still many unknowns when it comes to antibody tests. 
And there’s a wide variation in the accuracy of the tests.  

Alphabet’s life sciences company, Verily, is launching a research project with an initial focus on understanding how the human immune system responds to the coronavirus. 

The company is adapting its existing study, Project Baseline, which aims to use the latest technology for longitudinal health care research, to support the pandemic. Its first initiative, Baseline Antibody Research, offers serology testing to those who have already received a nasal swab test from Verily’s testing program.

Verily, which spun out of Google Life Sciences, has already rolled out testing sites across various sites in California for those who suspect they might have the virus. 

A serology test is designed to detect antibodies, which circulate in our blood to help fight off infections. Researchers see some potential in using antibody testing to understand how prevalent Covid-19 is in a community, and studies are already underway.

But there are wide variations in accuracy across the various test markers. These tests are producing a lot of false positive and false negative results. For that reason, many public health experts are wary about overly relying on antibody testing for so-called “immunity passports,” as we don’t yet know whether a positive result means there’s conferred immunity. 

An Alphabet/Google study designed as a Project Baseline is the quest to collect comprehensive health data and use it as a map and compass, pointing the way to disease prevention.  Project Baseline is partnered with Stanford Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, The American Heart Association is already studying numerous other diseases and is enrolling participants for ongoing studies in heart disease, skin disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, sleep disorders and mood disorders.  

The Covid-19 Pandemic adds a new sense of urgency for Verily's project.

As a Project Baseline member, you can...

Choose to contribute through clinical research, surveys, focus groups and more
Be the first to know when studies matching your preferences open.
Test new tools, technologies, and treatments and shape the future of healthcare.
Get exclusive access to updates, thought leaders, and community events.
Ultimately, learn about your own health and help improve health for all.

COVID-19 Research Project

Verily COVID-19 PathfinderIf you want to learn more Click here.

Automated support for frontline teams
Verily is developing digital tools to support health systems, hospitals, ACOs and others on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Verily COVID-19 Pathfinder is an easy-to-embed tool that provides information about the virus, helps patients understand symptoms and their possible severity, and guides them to the most applicable information based on their inputs -- all from your website. Information is sourced from public guidance from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins Medicine, the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. 

Designed by Verily, this tool can be customized based on your organization and available resources. We want to streamline management on the front lines so your teams can focus on delivering care.

COVID-19 Pathfinder features:
Customize the tool to blend seamlessly into your website and incorporate local contact information 
Implement quickly and easily with a small embeddable code snippet 
Collaborate with Verily’s team of technologists and clinicians to inform future tools and development 
Automatically provide access to content that’s sourced from official public health organizations like the CDC and updated regularly by Verily 

Verily COVID-19 Pathfinder FAQs

Who is this tool intended for?

This tool is designed for health systems, hospitals and other organizations delivering care during this pandemic. We want to relieve some of the burden on staff managing thousands of inquiries from their communities, and re-deploy them to deliver care.

How can our system get access to the Verily Covid-19 Pathfinder?
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What technical capabilities are needed to implement this tool?
We make it easy to deploy our tool with simple cut and paste code. We’ll work with your team to customize the tool with your branding, local contact information or your requests to your community for supplies.

Alphabet Verily is launching an antibody research study for Covid-19