The Latest Smart Device: Circular Ring:

We have seen the Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and now a smart ring from

And no, contrary to opinion it is not the latest futuristic smart item from Apple Computer. Sorry Tim Cook, Steve Jobs is turning over in his smart coffin. Given Apple's size and market share don't be surprised if Apple buys Circular Ring. Amazingly this powerful smart device can be pre-ordered for only $199.00. 

Control your ring, visualize your trends, your progress, and benefit from personalized advice to energize your life and improve your daily performance over the long term. Circular is a smart ring that includes Personal & Smart Alarm Clock, Sleep and Fitness tracking, Wellness monitoring, Alert notification, Pushbutton.

The Circular Ring has many functions:

Sleep quality score
The score reflects how well you slept based on valuable metrics calculated during your sleep.

Sleep overview
Quickly overview the times you slept. Edit your sleep logs.

Sleep metrics
See the result of each sleep component so that you can directly identify what to change.

Sleep/wake detection, Naps detection, Real sleep, Sleep debt, Time to fall asleep, Sleep stages monitoring, Circadian Rhythm, Disturbances, SpO2, HR, Night HRV, Sleep quality score©.

Sleep graphs
In-depth insights about sleep metrics. You can compare to your own short- and long-term trends and get to know your evolution.

Activity Tracking
Quantify your physical activities with empowering metrics
Circular keeps track of your daily activities and fitness goals at any time

Activity overview
Quickly see when you've practiced sports. Edit your activity logs.

Activity metrics
Quantify each component of your physical activity.

Automatic activity recognition, Activity intensities and volumes, Steps counter, Walking equivalency, Calories burned, Active minutes, SpO2, Heart training zone.

Activity graphs
In-depth information about numerous metrics for you to quantify your current performance and compare it to your own short-and long-term trends to get to know your evolution.

Wellness Monitoring
Find the perfect balance
Monitor your overall wellness and energy with day & night advanced cross analyses

Wellness metrics
Make your own wellness extra correlation with advanced metrics.

Day HRV, Heart recovery, RHR, Sleep balance, Live heart rate, VO2 max, Energy Score©.
Energy score
The score reflects your energy level for the day based on your sleep and activity data. Get to know when you can push yourself to max out your daily performances or when you may take it easy.

Wellness graphs
You can compare your wellness metrics on your own short- and long-term trends and get to understand the impact of your lifestyle on your well-being in order to improve it.

The device is only in pre-order status, so I would be very cautious, as this may just be pre-marketing hype.

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