Maps of Influenza Symptoms as percentage of Population

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Some states are modifying their strict rules for social distancing in an effort to return to near normal activity and hopefully resuscitate the economy. Public health officials remain conservative as to how quickly and safely normalcy can resume. Statistics can mislead future planning.  Most cases of the Corona Virus occurred in New York.  Serology revealed that there are already six or more individual COVID strains.  Some Governors are anxious to restart their economies.  The Mayor of Las Vegas, NV asked that Las Vegas citizens would act as a control population to compare against other cities that remain on lockdown.  The Mayor's idea was badly flawed and could never be considered an objective study. It also points out the confusion and misinformation promulgated by elected officials, another dystopian example of life in America.

The United States led the world in cases of Covid19, with over four times the number of cases than the nearest country. After the United States, the next countries  were

Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty

965,435 US
226,629 Spain
197,675 Italy
162,220 France
157,770 Germany
154,037 United Kingdom
110,130 Turkey
90,481 Iran
83,911 China
80,949 Russia

Public health authorities are still studying the numbers. The figures from China are open to question for many reasons. Experts attribute the high rate in the U.S. as due to inadequate testing and delays in social distancing. The case incidence appears to have stabilized and is diminishing, however, there are still many active cases. The elevated case rate for the U.S. may be due to over-reporting without accurate testing.