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How are other countries using the internet to prevent and control the COVID19 pandemic?

During the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), internet hospitals in China were engaged with epidemic prevention and control, offering epidemic-related online services and medical support to the public.

Internet hospitals can serve different types of epidemic counselees, offer essential medical supports to the public during the COVID-19 outbreak, reduce the social panic, promote social distancing, enhance the public’s ability of self-protection, correct improper medical-seeking behaviors, reduce the chance of nosocomial cross-infection, and facilitate epidemiological screening, thus, playing an important role on preventing and controlling COVID-19.

A new approach to outpatient service delivery has been developed in China. Patients go to a medical consultation facility near their home and meet through the internet with a doctor who is based in a top-level hospital in a big city. The doctor asks the patient about his or her state of health via a webcam, through an instant chatting platform designed for the internet hospital. The patient answers questions and shows or sends images of his or her medical checks to the doctor through the internet. Meanwhile, data for the patient's body temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose concentrations can be obtained by machine-operated devices on-site and uploaded to the diagnostic system. The doctor then makes a diagnosis and prescribes for the patient online. A few minutes later, the prescription is printed out and can be used to buy drugs at the consulting facility or another drug store. This outpatient service is in use in Guangdong province, 

As a teaching hospital of higher medical schools in Guangdong Province, a research base for postdoctoral mobile stations of Sun Yat-sen University, a non-directly affiliated hospital of Southern Medical University, and the first Wu Jieping Fund minimally invasive surgery training center in the country, there are 9 doctoral tutors and master tutors in our hospital There are 75 members, including 30 chairman and deputy directors of the National and Provincial Societies, and more than 200 doctoral and master students are enrolled in Southern Medical University. More than 300 full professors and associate professors have passed on to the medical profession; more than 2,000 white-dressed angels, Mu Chunfeng and Fangfei.

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