President Trump set to unveil plan to help 'change the narrative' on healthcare

President Trump has promised he'll unveil a "phenomenal" healthcare plan in the coming weeks, and Rep. Chip Roy of Texas said he stands ready to be part of the conversation.
"We need to change the narrative," Roy, a freshman representative, told the Washington Examiner of the need for more Republicans to get on the same page about the party's healthcare platform. "We need to go on offense. I do think there is an interest in doing that."
As part of his commitment to this goal, Roy has introduced legislation that would expand health savings accounts, tax-free funds people can use to pay for healthcare. Under his proposal, the accounts would be renamed to "Health Freedom Accounts," with employers and charitable organizations allowed to contribute.
Like Trump, Roy believes that Republicans need to go on the offense on healthcare, rather than simply attacking Obamacare and the Medicare for All Act, the bill from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., that would roll everyone living in the United States into a government plan and do away with private insurance. Republicans have been searching a conservative foil on healthcare that would do the opposite, chipping away at government involvement.

Roy believes the arrangement he came up with will help lower medical costs by unleashing a more free-market approach, rather than the current system where people pay into a plan that decides which doctors and hospitals they cover, and which negotiate rates on behalf of patients.

He is opposed to Obamacare's approach, which extends Medicaid to low-income people. Instead, he said, states should be provided a block grant to set up their own safety nets.