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Dr Damian Roland (pictured), Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences, has won an international award for his research into social media and healthcare.

Dr Damian Roland (pictured), Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences, has won an international award for his research into social media and healthcare.
The consultant in pediatric emergency care at Leicester’s Hospitals has been awarded first prize in the Stanford Medicine X | Symplur Signals Research Challenge 2015 and will present his work to the Medicine X conference at Stanford University in California on Sunday 27 September 201

Doctor wins international award for social media and healthcare research — University of Leicester

The Challenge is a joint venture by Stanford University and healthcare social media analysts Symplur. The competition aims to encourage research into social media, healthcare and the benefits this can offer to patients.
Dr Roland, who is part of the SAPPHIRE (Social Science APPlied to Healthcare Improvement REsearch) group teamed up with Dr Daniel Cabrera, of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and Jesse Spur BN, of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, to secure the top prize. The trio impressed judges with their research which used social media analytics to interrogate Twitter data and give credence to an online healthcare community – to the extent that it can be defined as a community of practice.
The team focused on the Free Open-Access Medical education (FOAM) community of healthcare professionals who collaborate online to share knowledge. They interrogated the Twitter #FOAMed hashtag using the Symplur Signals analytics tool.

Sir William Osler, one of the first progenitors of Social Media

Dr Roland said: “The analytics showed millions of impressions recorded over a set period and also revealed it is a community that is growing. The #FOAMed community has proved very popular and uses the power of social media. It is truly what a community of practice can be defined as.  It shows that through Twitter healthcare professionals are educating each other and this is benefiting the patients they work with.”

Why FOAM?... Facts, Fallacies and Foibles

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  6. 6. Taking  the   world  by   STORM (in  a  small  way) Photo  by  JD  Hancock  
  7. 7. 230 EMCC  blogs      in  24 Countries   h"p://­‐blog-­‐update-­‐2013/  
  8. 8. IT  KEEPS  GETTING  BIGGER…   >30,000  page  views  daily  
  9. 9. Your  students  will     leave you behind
  10. 10. FOAM     =   Social Media
  11. 11. FOAM     =   Social Media
  13. 13. A  waste of  Mme?  
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  15. 15. #Hashtags          #FOAMed   #FOAMcc   #smaccGOLD  
  16. 16. #smacc2013
  17. 17. No   Peer Review =    Bad?
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  19. 19. Publish then     Filter  
  20. 20. Translate and disseminate knowledge
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  22. 22. Flip  the  Classroom   h"p://­‐20-­‐for-­‐emergency-­‐physicians/  
  23. 23. That’s just in time…
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  28. 28. “I  don’t  have  time  not   to  use  social  media”   Bertalan  Mesco
  29. 29. CAVEAT EMPTOR   Think  rationally
  30. 30. Lobotomise, blood let, and perform EGDT!
  31. 31. A jackass in the real world will be a jackass online Photo  by  public energy  
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  34. 34. TO  GET  #FOAMed
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