Why protest?

This generation has now transitioned from being 'armchair activists' to 'placard-bearing protestors'. This comes in the wake of the new 'woke-generation'[1][2]

So why do we protest? Rather why protestors protest?
Protestors can be generally categorised in 3 categories
A) They understand the real issue and feel protest is the only or one of the key ways to affect change

These are well meaning people whose only intention from the protests is brewing the steam of change. People of this category are well versed with the issue in concern and don't have vacuous reasons and stay away from propaganda. As you might have realised, this section of protestors form the minority of protestors.

B) They understand that their protest is the last thing the world needs, but they have insidious agenda and they are catalysts for the next category

 Their motivation can be anything. Money, 15 minutes of fame[3], political leanings, propaganda conduit, etc.
This group causes the most chaos. They have expertise in making the environment of society caustic and volatile. Who are these people? You guessed it right, 'The Usual Suspects'

C) The Gullible 'woke-generation' 

These are 15-30 year old people who haven't seen much world, are not well read, have been unlucky to get unsuitable nurturing by their immediate surroundings, etc. These people don't have voices of their own. They just depend on the next 'cool' phenomenon to latch on to. It's fashionable to follow/pursue a particular ideology or a school of thought or your political inclination based not on your understanding but because it sounds 'the in thing', and not because it's your idea but based on what a few handful of 'narrative-savvy marketers masquerading as social activists'[read Category B] propagate as wisdom.

Now, when you mix the above categories, it makes a very potent concoction for protests from every nook & corner of the society. The need of the hour is better primary education. An education system which favours cultural sensitivity, originality, ethics and rewards creativity. We need societies which are not another ape-version of a different society. We need to live local and breathe global. The gradual hatred of the new generation towards its roots creates rifts in societies and makes room for vested interest groups to take powerful and unfavourable seats.

My question to these protestors would be
Q. What are the top 3 actionable economic decisions world leaders need to take?
Q. Are there such examples currently?
Q. What are the top 3 social decisions we need to take collectively?
Q. What kind of society would make them leave all protests all-together, basically what is their utopian or not-so utopian idea?

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