Questions : Measured Approach

Is science just another point of view?

Most of what we say as natural laws or theories of science are based on empirical findings. So, the question implores you to clarify if empirical findings can be taken as absolute truth. You might as well say that science is just good statistical analysis at play. The answer as always is with you.

What is the one thing you would like to change in the world?

Your answer could be anything. Something as basic as end of global hunger or as dramatic as a world with no national boundaries. Take any 'bit of change' you want to see and ask yourself if the cause is your own or is it of a significant value to you.

Are you taking any steps to affect the change as answered above?

Well, we all want a million things in life but those wishes are just that, mere wishful thinking if we don't act or make a systematic plan to bring our dreams to fruition. You can take baby steps, it doesn't matter as long as you are moving at least a bit forward everyday.

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Are you measuring your progress?

As the famous saying goes, "what gets measured gets improved". If you are not measuring your steps then perhaps your outcome will also be random. So, ask yourself what tools or methodologies are you employing to track your progress in the mission of your life as answered above.

So, when can we see that change you are about to bring in this world?

Setting an end date to any activity gives it life. Think about humans or any living being, we die because we live. So, if you put an end date or expiry date you have given your vision a life, which will turn into a mission.

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